🌿 Grow Your Own Catnip Wonderland at Home! 🌱

🌿 Grow Your Own Catnip Wonderland at Home! 🌱

Hey Cat Moms & Cat Dads!

Exciting news! Introducing our new Carrot Self Home Catnip Growing Kit – the purrfect solution for a happy and healthy pet life! 🐾🌈

🌱 Kit Includes:

  • 5 packs of organic oat seeds
  • Cute carrot-shaped two-layered planter

No green thumb needed – just soak half bag of seeds (enough for 2 cats to nibble), then add water and watch your catnip garden flourish! 🌧️🌿

Why Catnip?

🌿 Packed with essential vitamins

🌿 Aids digestion for your pets

🌿 Enhances their playtime joy

Get your Catnip Growing Kit now and treat your furry friend to a garden of delights! 🎁🐱


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