Our Story

Welcome to Lil Wild Pets, where boutique meets pet paradise with our curated collection of playful essentials. 
Meet our team of talented & furry members:

🐱Pancake, the editor-in-chief, tested and wrote about the latest cat products. 

🐱Mula, the toy inspector and logistics pro, made sure every package was filled with love.

🐱Clout, the teaser specialist and playful princess, kept everyone entertained with her tricks.

We're Pancake, Mula, and Clout, and we work hard to ensure that every product is purrfectly cat-approved. We paw-pick every item in the store, from toys and clothes to beds and scratching posts, we've got everything a pet could ever want (and let's be real, spoil yourself too).

We are on a mission to make your life with your pets way more fun! We know just how much joy pets bring, and we wanted to spread that happiness to as many pets and their hoomans as possible.

So come on in, join the fun, and discover what it means to be a Lil Wild Pet.