Do cats like cat teaser & wand toys?
Cats do like cat teaser and wand toys and will play with them for extended periods. Teasers and wands also give you a great way to interact and play with your cat. Experiment with different types of teaser and wand toys until you find the ones your cats like best. Many cats go wild for wire teaser toys, so they can be a good place to start if you are just introducing teaser and wand toys to your cat.

What are the best cat teaser and wand toys?
The best cat teaser and wand toys are those that keep your cat happily playing for a long time. Cat teasers with feathers and streamers are very popular with cats, and catnip usually makes any cat toy better. Wire teaser toys move beguilingly and unpredictably, so these are a perennial feline favorite, as well. Choose cat teaser and wand toys that crinkle, chirp or light up to add an extra element of excitement to play.

How do you play with a cat teaser or wand toy?
You play with a cat teaser or wand toy by holding it in your hand and waving it around for your cat to chase. You can drag the teaser toy on the ground, bounce it in the air or whip it around to whip your cat into a frenzy. Some cat teaser and wand toys can be mounted on a door or wall to allow for solo play, as well. Be careful not to leave your cat alone with a string teaser toy, as these toys may present a strangulation hazard, especially for younger cats.