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Plush Fuzzy Caterpillar Teaser Wand Toy for Cats

Plush Fuzzy Caterpillar Teaser Wand Toy for Cats

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Your feline friend will love chasing and swatting at this playful toy thanks to its long and dangly design, complete with a bell for added excitement. Made from soft and fuzzy material, it's gentle on your cat's paws and perfect for cuddling too. 

Teaser wand toys are the perfect toy for cats as they stimulate their natural instincts, provide exercise, mental stimulation, and are great for interactive play that strengthens the bond between cat and owner. The toy mimics the movement of prey, encouraging cats to play, exercise, and release energy. With teaser wand toys, you can provide your baby with a fun and stimulating way to play while building a stronger relationship through interactive play.

Dimensions: 19 in (wand) + 23 in (caterpillar) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carrie Nurphy
cheaply made

Eyes came off first use Wand is thin bends easy Also fabric is lightweight nothing solid to attract cats interest Save money this is not worth the price Would not recommend

My cat’s favorite wand ever

My cat has never loved a wand toy more than this one before! It is very soft but very strong, she’s been playing with it for a week now and it’s holding up perfectly. Also the toy came in the mail very fast. Thanks!

Bright color make kitty enjoy trying to catch it.

I would highly recommend for kitty that love more interactive play time.

Thumbs up

My cats favorite toy ever, she can’t be finicky cuz she can’t resist playing with it.

The best cat toy.

This keeps my cat busy for a while. He chases it, runs after… not only a great toy but an excellent exercise too. Fun for the whole family.