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Fuzzy Bunny Adjustable Pet Hat for Cats and Dogs

Fuzzy Bunny Adjustable Pet Hat for Cats and Dogs

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Turn your furry friend into a bunny with this adjustable Bunny Hat! Super cute and designed to fit cats and dogs, they'll look just like the real deal! Make your pet an adorable 'bun-bun'!

Please note: While some pets enjoy wearing hats, others may not. It's important to respect your pet's natural tendencies. However, if your pet does enjoy wearing hats, be sure to reward them with treats as a positive reinforcement. Prioritize your pet's comfort while capturing cute photos! 

♥ Measurement: adjustable strap fits neck sizes 8 to 12 inches. Suggested for pets  under 15lbs. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Peak entertainment

One of the most hilarious things I’ve ever laid eyes on. The cat would disagree but I don’t care. Look at her tiny face in the bunny ears. I cry tear of delight every time I look at her.

Absolutely adorable

My cat looks absolutely adorable in this bunny hat! The quality is top-notch, and the soft material is gentle on my baby's head.

Adorable and fun

Wow, I can't believe how cute my Chihuahua looks in this bunny hat from Lil Wild Pets! It's the perfect size for her tiny head, and the soft material is comfortable and doesn't bother her at all.

My bunny diva

Ordered this adorable bunny hat for my Sphynx cat, and I'm beyond impressed! The hat fits perfectly on her hairless head and adds a whole new level of cuteness to her already unique look. She doesn't mind wearing it at all and struts around like a little bunny diva! Lil Wild Pets, you've won over this Sphynx mom's heart. Thank you for making my baby even more adorable! 🐾🐰❤️

The cutest thing ever

Bought this bunny hat for my cat, and oh my goodness, it's the cutest thing ever! The quality is excellent, and it stays on surprisingly well.