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Cartoon Shiba Print Anti-Slip Water Resistant Dog Shoes

Cartoon Shiba Print Anti-Slip Water Resistant Dog Shoes

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The perfect solution to protect your dog's paws from hot pavement, rough terrain and sharp thorns! The wide opening and adjustable velcro straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit, so your pup can easily run, jump, and play. 
  • Protect paws against hot pavement, rough terrain and sharp thorns.

  • Top layer of the shoe is made with mesh to keep dirt and debris out and provide ventilation

  • Easy to wear wide opening design for dogs with wide paw

  • Adjustable drawstring straps around the ankle to secure the shoe from falling 

  • Each set comes with 4 individual shoes
Size Paw Width Paw Length  Suggested Weight
1 1.2" 1.4" under 3 lbs
2 1.3" 1.5" 3-5 lbs
3 1.4" 1.6" 6-8 lbs
4 1.5" 1.7" 9-11 lbs
5 1.7" 2" 12-16 lbs
6 2" 2.2" 17 - 22 lbs


✿ Material: Upper - Taslon fabric, Sole - Leather and air-layer composite fabric.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I live in Arizona where the streets are hot and the trails have nasty sticker-things - these have been awesome. I was especially concerned about comfort and my dog doesn't seem to notice that he is wearing shoes. Recommended!

Perfect in every way. You get what you pay for.

Out of the many doggie shoes I have tried, these are beyond compare. They allow the foot to flex normally which is important for a dog's gait. They fasten just above the bony part of the foot but below the dew claw. The vibram sole is sturdy but flexible. I highly recommend these without reservation.

Best Shoe for Hard To Fit Paws

Living in an apartment complex where our lovely considerate neighbors sometimes break glass bottles or discard nails, protecting our dog’s paws was a must, and using a mudbuster paw cleaner every day got old. We followed the chart on the website for measuring her paws and the shoes fit perfectly.

Karma Slomianski
Love them!

These are amazing! My dog took to them very quickly (do a little training session with them as soon as you put them on to distract your dog from the weird feeling), never seems to mind having them on and they seem like great quality on the bottom. Sizing chart was perfect.

My handsome boy and his new shoes

Just take a look at my boy, how handsome! Now he can keeps his paw clean and looks good!!! Win-win!! And my boy loves the shoes, no problems walk in them, it does falls off from time to time when he runs fast, but he keeps them on most of time! You should get them!!!