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Flopping Fish Electric Interactive Self-Play Cat Toy with Catnip - Lobster & Wheal & Shark

Flopping Fish Electric Interactive Self-Play Cat Toy with Catnip - Lobster & Wheal & Shark

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Have you ever seen a fish dance? Now you have! The Interactive Electric Flopping Fish Cat Toy with Catnip wiggles and bounces around like a real fish, bringing out your cat's inner hunter and bringing on the interactive finned fun. It comes in 3 different styles: Blue Shark/ Pink Whale/ Red Lobster, there's no need to make a fuss about bringing in the good times. Simply charge the battery pack for about an hour and a half, insert it into the plush fish, turn it on, close the belly, and watch your pal go kitty crazy with their new scaly sidekick. And a single charge provides nearly an hour of playtime! Hook, line, and sinker—your cat will devour the fishy fun with this toy.
Only available at Lil Wild Pets.

  • The battery-powered, interactive dancing fish toy responds to touch and mimics the unpredictable movements of a flopping fish, and it starts and stops depending on your cat's interaction.
  • Simply charge the battery pack, insert it into the fish's belly, turn it on, and tap the belly to start the fun.
  • Charges in about an hour and a half and keeps your cat entertained for nearly an hour on a single charge.
  • To entice your cat and start playtime, a hidden pouch for catnip is hidden inside the fish's belly.

Intended For: Cat
Includes:  The set includes the plush fish body, a rechargeable battery pack, a USB charging cable, and a tube of catnip.
Activity: Hunt & Stalk, Swat & Pounce
Color: Blue Shark/ Pink Whale/ Red Lobster

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cats Disappointed

I had high hopes for this toy. Unfortunately, the initial motion only lasts a few seconds and won’t reactivate until the cat hits or hugs it hard. By the time my cats realize the toy was moving, it stopped and then they lost interest. I’m hoping they will figure it out and love it more over time.

Lucy Guo

I thought I bought Luna a cute toy but apparently it’s a whole little buddy for her. Lol. Luna and this Lobster are inseparable.

Does not get boring

My baby Sky has been having the time of her life with this toy. Usually she gets bored of toys after a day but this lobster is her favorite thing ever! I’m so glad I got this. Also was delivered within 3 days.