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Dinosaur Catnip Lollipop Toy for Cats

Dinosaur Catnip Lollipop Toy for Cats

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The Dinosaur Catnip Lollipop Toy features a durable and fun dinosaur container that holds a yummy all-natural catnip lollipop inside. With a simple press of the handle, the dinosaur's mouth opens up, revealing the catnip lollipop for your cat to enjoy. It's a fun and interactive way to treat your cat to the benefits of catnip.

Cats go wild for catnip, and this toy makes it easy to share the joy with your furry companion. It is sure to be a hit with cats, and also a fun toy for adults and kids. Watch as your cat goes wild for the catnip lollipop, and snap some pics of their goofy reactions! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fire toy!

This thing is so much fun. First few times my cat got a lil scared but I think she had to get used to it and probably learned a bunch new skill from playing with this. While getting a bit high hahah

Cat enrichment

This is a fun and easy way to provide enrichment for my cat and he absolutely love it!

Works great!

It took a minute for my cat to get how to use. But I rubbed it on him then he went crazy. He loves it . Licking it rubbing it . I didn’t stick it to anything, I hold it in my hand and offer it to him as a treat