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Flapping Duck Electric Interactive Self-Play Cat Toy with Catnip

Flapping Duck Electric Interactive Self-Play Cat Toy with Catnip

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The interactive plush duck toy responds to touch, flaps and quacks like a real duck, making it the perfect companion for your cat and kitten. It's also self-playing, so your cat won't get bored even when you're not around. 

♥ Automatic motion sensor: Every time your cat touches this battery-powered cat kicker toy, the built-in motion sensor kicks into action, causing the duck toy to flap and flutter like a real duck, encouraging your cat to play and kick.

♥ Lifelike quack sounds: The fluffy duck toy also makes realistic quack sounds during playtime, making the experience even more exciting for your cat

♥ Catnip for extra fun: The toy includes a catnip pouch that can be hidden inside the duck's belly, which can be incredibly effective in getting lazy or lounging cats up and moving. 

♥ Easy to use: Simply charge the battery pack, insert it into the duck's belly, turn it on, and tap the duck to start the fun.

♥ Easy to clean: The duck toy is hand and machine-washable after removing the battery, making it easy to clean and maintain.

♥ Includes: Plush duck tody, a rechargeable battery pack, a USB charging cable, a catnip pouch

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great toy to get for your cat!

My cat cannot get over this duck!!!! I hear him setting it off all the time! I also love it because it’s very cute and fluffy. This is so much better than any traditional cat toy and keeps my cat interested!

Both of my cat love it

My cats immediately started playing with the duck. Normally it takes them longer to play a toy but not with this. I’ve also washed it and it’s perfectly fine. Good find!

Sona S
Good toy for kitten

My kitten love it! She is very curious of the duck and kept on setting it off!

Best cat toy ever!

My cat loves this! She can play on her own and she is very happy about it! Your cat might need some time to adapt to it, but once they figure it out they should have a lot of fun with it!!!!!