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Lavender Blooming Flower Teaser Wand Toy for Cats

Lavender Blooming Flower Teaser Wand Toy for Cats

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Give your cat the gift of flowers and endless fun! The detailed lavender design makes it more than just a toy - it's a stunning home decor piece that you'll love to display. The bouncy wand is perfect for playing and engaging your cat. Also comes with bells to grab your cat's attention and keep them entertained for hours. This toy is perfect for all ages and breeds of cats.

Teaser wand toys are the perfect toy for cats as they stimulate their natural instincts, provide exercise, mental stimulation, and are great for interactive play that strengthens the bond between cat and owner. The toy mimics the movement of prey, encouraging cats to play, exercise, and release energy. With teaser wand toys, you can provide your baby with a fun and stimulating way to play while building a stronger relationship through interactive play.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Girl, get this

So, first off, obviously get this for yourself. It's nicely made and is holding up well. It happens to be my cat's new favorite toy.

Julian Arango
Cat approved

My cat loves the stick toys where you play with them and this one is the cutest I’ve seen.

My cat is obsessed!

My cat absolutely LOVE the shit out of this teaser! She will try to catch the strings, and lick the purple balls. It is also a beautiful flower to just sit in the vast. Very pleased with this purchase.