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Pet Grooming Comb for Long-haired Cats and Dogs Remove Tangles and Knots

Pet Grooming Comb for Long-haired Cats and Dogs Remove Tangles and Knots

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Do you struggle with grooming your long-haired pets? Tangled knots and shedding fur can be a real hassle, but our pet comb offers the perfect solution!

♥ Effortlessly remove knots and loose fur from even the longest-haired cats and dogs with its deep knot removal and anti-shedding design, featuring 24mm long comb teeth.
♥ Rounded teeth that massage your pet's skin without causing any harm, and each comb tooth is finely polished for added comfort.
♥ Wide comb teeth that collect fur instead of letting it fly around, and are easy to clean by simply tearing off the accumulated fur.
♥ Stainless steel teeth that are durable and easy to wash and dry, making it a reusable and eco-friendly choice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great tool!

Used this on my small dog who sheds like crazy. Outstanding tool!

Great for removing cat hair

We use this to brush our cats keeping them nice and smooth.

Favorite grooming tool

I have two Persian cats, which I grew myself. Over the years I have bought almost every single comb and brush imaginable. This is by far my favorite. It works so well to get that undercoat, and it also works very well on breaking up mats and pulling that hair out. My cats do really well with this comb because it is gentle but the jagged tooth at the top is really a game changer. Definitely buy this comb if you have Persian cats or any other long-haired felines.

The real deal

This grooming brush is the real deal. My long hair cat used to avoid being brushed at all costs, but with this brush, she actually comes running over to me when she sees it. It's like a magic wand for cats! 🪄😻