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Pet Grooming Hair Brush Toy- Durian Tickling Comb

Pet Grooming Hair Brush Toy- Durian Tickling Comb

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The Pet Grooming Hair Brush Toy is a unique and fun tool that is sure to delight both pets and their owners. The brush is shaped like the outside of a Durian fruit, with multiple ways to stick it onto the wall for convenience.

This brush toy is not only fun for pets to play with, but it also serves as a grooming tool. The comb-like design of the brush makes it perfect for gently brushing your cat's fur, removing any tangles or mats. Plus, if you put some catnip inside the toy, it will encourage your cat to rub their face all over it, providing them with a fun and stimulating experience.

The Pet Grooming Hair Brush Toy is suitable for all types of cats, and it is gentle on their skin, preventing any irritation or scratching. The unique Durian shape adds an element of fun to the grooming process, making it more enjoyable for both pets and their owners.

Size: 6.1  x 2.95  x 9.45 inches (155 x 75 x 240mm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
So cute

Ordered for grandkitty. These are very cute. Easy to put on a corner of a wall.

Cat self groomer with catnip

I expected my cat to like this more than she did, but she did give it about 20 minutes of attention before getting tired of it. But she came back to rub her face on it from time to time.

Such a cool toy!

My cat loves it, purring when I brush her.